Sasan Gir - A Raw Retreat

Sasan Gir or prominently known as the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places for wildlife lovers to witness nature in its rawest form. Sasan Gir located in Gujarat is an extremely popular tourist destination attracting tourists from far and across with the sheer range of flora and fauna found in the region.

Sasan Gir is home to the pure Asiatic Lions and is also believed t be one of the most protected owing to the presence of supported species. The National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is a 1412 sq km of hilly region covered with dry deciduous forests, acacia scrub, evergreen and semi evergreen flora and grasslands with several rivers flowing through the region namely, Hiran, Shetrunji, Datardi, Shingoda, Machhundri, Godavari, Shingoda and Raval.

In addition to the Asiatic Lions, the region is home to several other animals like the sambhar and spotted deer, blue bull, chousingha, chinkara, wild boar, Jackal, striped hyena, jungle cat, rusy-spotted cat, langur, porcupine, black naped Indian, crocodiles and many more reptiles and amphibians, thus, offering a complete bonanza for wildlife lovers.

There are plenty of good resorts and hotels in Sasan Gir that are present in close proximity of the national park and wildlife sanctuary. These Sasan Gir hotels are present across all budget groups ranging from the luxury hotels to the budget hotels catering to the varying needs and preferences of the multitude of travelers visiting the region. Many of the hotels and resorts in the region also organize lion safaris to the National Park and Wild life Sanctuary.

Sasan Gir is also pretty well connected to the rest of the state and also country. The closest airport from the region is located in Keshod sitting approx at a distance of 90 km; an alternative to it is the Diu airport which is approx 100 km from the region. Both these airports are served with regular flights from Mumbai along with various other regions. The nearest railway station is located in Junagadh which is a short 75 min ride from the region, an alternative to it is the Rajkot railway station, which is a further 3.5 hour journey from Sasan Gir, from either of the station regular buses and taxis can be availed for Sasan Gir.

The park remains closed during the months June to October and hence the best time to visit the region is during the months of December to March.
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